"Bass Ackwards", in 10-inch high letters, on the overhead projector

Mar 31, 2006 in Sightings

In my professor’s lecture. She’s a batty Britisher, smart as all get-out but a bit flaky. Her classes are nutty but informative. The best part wasn’t, however, that she used… Read on…

Dear Forty-Something Latina in a Suburban Who Ran The Light in Front of Me

Mar 28, 2006 in Dear So-And-So

Thank you for providing me with that little shot of adrenalin this morning; it was a rainy, dismal morning, and I was a little groggy. Seeing you speed through the red light, and feeling my car skid just a bit as I slammed on the breaks in the wet street, stopping just feet from you, certainly got me going at peak alertness. I hope that I didn’t disrupt your cell phone conversation too much when I laid on my horn while coming to a complete stop (said action was refreshingly reflexive). Read on…

New on WadeArmstrong.com: Market Research for Entrepreneurs

Mar 26, 2006 in Elsewhere

Still starting that company after all of the previous articles I’ve written? Then check out some market research tips!

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Channeling The Spirit of Evil

Mar 26, 2006 in B-School

I’m designing slides for this upcoming C4C event, the ’80s Prom. Yes, that’s right, I’m finally on the prom committee. I do not, however, have a date. Figures! Anyway, so… Read on…

American Inventor: Episode 2 Recap

Mar 24, 2006 in Elsewhere

So here’s week two of plugging away at a recap. Hey, at least I got this one up in a timely manner! This week’s episode was kind of slow, but it did a good job of illustrating a few particular business issues.

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Undergrad Women Riding Bicycles

Mar 23, 2006 in Sightings

As much as I appreciate the sight, undergrad women at USC — all of whom apparently have to meet a minimum standard of attractiveness to be admitted — probably shouldn’t… Read on…

Buy a Hip Laptop Bag and Donate to Special Olympics!

Mar 22, 2006 in B-School

As some of y’all know, I’m a board member of Challenge for Charity, a non-profit run by West Coast business schools that raises money for the Special Olympics. C4C is… Read on…

MBAs Gone Wild on Spring Break!

Mar 20, 2006 in B-School

Oh maaaan, I had the wildest spring break. I went craaaazy, all out, no holds barred, put it all on the line. That’s right, my spring break was oooooouuuuuuut of control! Yeah, like a major playa, I stayed home and worked on research and planning for my new business, that’s hardcore, dude. Read on…

American Inventor: Episode 1 Recap

Mar 20, 2006 in Elsewhere

I’ll admit it, I’m a geek; that’s why I can’t resist the idea of a show that has inventors coming up with clever (or preposterous) ideas and pitching those ideas on TV. So now I’m doing a recap every week featuring (hopefully) clever commentary. Hopefully the show will stay good and I’ll be able to pick up the episodes of My Name is Earl and The Office that I missed during repeats (no, I’m not ready to buy them off of iTunes… yet).

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Starting a Poker Company

Mar 16, 2006 in Elsewhere

Are you one of those people who have become, in the last 2-3 years, fascinated with poker? Are you one of the people who have become, in the last 2-3 years, jealous of the fact that major companies have been built to mechanically suction money from consumers’ wallets using a new fascination with poker? Then you might want to read my new entry at WadeArmstrong.com on the World Poker Tour’s founder, Steve Lipscomb. Or not. Because who loves the stuff I write anyway?

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Me vs. the Snooze Button

Mar 14, 2006 in True Life Stories

I have a confession to make, a confession that will make you lose all sympathy for me. A confession that will draw away any residual extent to which you identify with me. A confession that will ensure that you label me, henceforth, as a freak. Aargh. I can barely admit it. OK, here I go.

I’ve only used the snooze button on an alarm clock twice in my life. Read on…

What's All the Ruckus About? (A Review of the Ruckus Music Service)

Mar 12, 2006 in Tech

USC offers one of those subscription-based music services, Ruckus, for just $10/semester to its students. I’m a cheap-ass motherfucker and $10 hits that cheap-ass spot just right, so I signed up. Heck, it’s a standard Microsoft-based music rental service, so I also thought it would be a fun idea to check and see if I would like renting, rather than buying my music (at least I’d get to write a review!). The conclusion? The rental model demands an incredibly high level of execution — a level that’s absent — and is uncompelling at the moment. Read on…

Dad's Blogging!

Mar 11, 2006 in Meta

In a sign that this whole thing is not just for the kids now, my dad now has a blog. A former academic and university administrator, he writes on the… Read on…

Sidebar Cleanup

Mar 11, 2006 in Meta

My blog sidebar was getting kind of messy, so I pruned it today. Buttons should lead to things that provide value, and, best of all, I went through all of… Read on…

New on WadeArmstrong.com: Meeting MySpace's Chris DeMarco

Mar 5, 2006 in Elsewhere

Do you dig that whole MySpace thing? It’s hip with the kids these days, ya know. So I’m going to all name-drop and tell y’all how I met MySpace founder Chris DeMarco. I’m, clearly, better than you. Or, at least, better than that gray goop that grows on mouse pads.

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Battle Pork

Mar 4, 2006 in Food

For weeks, my absent-minded friend Stu has been threatening to invite us all over to his house for an Iron Chef-style battle; finally, Friday night, he delivered. Or, maybe more accurately, we delivered, and he hosted. Read on…


Mar 2, 2006 in Tech

I barely made it through the day today. For the past couple of weeks, my laptop had been occasionally resistant to starting up, and today it finally showed it was serious, refusing to start all morning long. Anybody who has spent time with me knows I’m practically surgically attached to my computer. Well, midterms start Monday and I have little higher brain function without my laptop, so emergency surgery was required. Read on…