Meal of the Month: Red Snapper en Papillote

Jan 27, 2008 in Food

Don’t you like things of the month? I hope you do because, with the Meal of the Month, that’ll make four monthly types of content that you and I can expect from me. This month’s meal is the super-easy Red Snapper en Papillote, which is a delicious, light meal for people who want some good, healthy flavor. Read on…

Easy GTD with Outlook and the Palm Treo

Jan 25, 2008 in Elsewhere

Almost no matter what you want to do with it, it’s tough to bend Outlook to your whims. This goes double if you follow the precepts of Getting Things Done. There’s the high-powered but somewhat obtuse GTD Outlook Add-in of course, but that loses a lot of fidelity once you go to the ubiquitous smartphone. Because I can’t be separated from my Treo, I set up my system to be low-fi, while still providing a reliable inbox and review set-up.

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Desktop of the Month: Trees at Sundown

Jan 20, 2008 in Desktops

If you’ve ever seen my computer, you know I like to switch up my desktop pictures (or, in Windows speak, “wallpaper,” which inspires thoughts of pastel flowers and Victorian patterns). For the past few years, since I’ve been shooting photos again, these desktops have been things I’ve shot. So, in an effort to make me shoot good, clean, landscape photos more often, I’m going to share my desktop with you. Read on…

Amazon Unbox + Tivo: Compelling VOD

Jan 18, 2008 in Reviews

The AIG and I are big Battlestar Galactica fans. Don’t laugh; I’ve been saying for years that it’s incredibly well-written, and, given that she’s a professional TV writer, I’d say there’s some evidence I’m right. Anyway, I’ve been catching her up thanks to my DVD collection, but Season 3 isn’t on DVD and Season 4 starts in just 3 months. Getting all the episodes in is hard work. That’s where Amazon Unbox comes in.
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Macworld 2008 and Apple's Strategy

Jan 17, 2008 in Elsewhere

There’s nothing like a Steve Jobs keynote address for a Mac fan like me. For a lot of years in the ’90s, the Macworld keynote was just a list of products; but, since Apple’s turn-of-the-century rebirth, it’s been a window on the company’s emerging strategy. In Macworld after Macworld, Apple has revealed products that represented long bets — the iPod, the iTunes Music Store, Apple TV, iWork — and, if you look at Macworld with the same strategic eye as Jobs, there’s indications of the future there.

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An Exercise in Fiction

Jan 13, 2008 in Writing Practice

It’s enjoyable enough to write essay-style stuff here, but I do miss when I used to actually write fiction. So, in a new feature here, I’m going to write monthly entries on a continuing story. Now, this isn’t quite the way I usually write: no outlines, no character studies; in fact, I really know virtually nothing about this story other than what I’ve written already. So, you’ll learn it at the same time I do. Also, I’m not spending much time on editing, so quality may be, let’s say variable. So, without further ado: a bit of ongoing storytelling, in the sci-fi genre. Read on…

Dear Wade, Thanks for Keeping All That Fast-Food Sauce

Jan 10, 2008 in Dear So-And-So, Food

Thanks so much for keeping those two containers stuffed full of sauces you took home from fast food places. I really needed a Hot sauce from Taco Bell to go with my new Fresco Menu Taco, and our forethought ensured I had just such a sauce. Read on…

Startup Postage: Endicia vs. Stamps vs. Business Reply

Jan 10, 2008 in Elsewhere

At my company, we send out a moderate amount of mail. There’s the bills, of course, and also reply envelopes to help get feedback from customers. Obviously, keeping mailing costs down is key, but so is having convenient access to postage and minimizing the amount of work I have to do (after all, there’s only one of me, and I have a lot more than just sending mail on my plate). After trying out some options, I decided to stick with plain old-fashioned stamps, bought at the USPS Web site.

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Drink of the Month: Rob Roy

Jan 5, 2008 in Drink of the Month, Food

The regularly-updated content I promised here on Well, here’s part 1 of the complete calendar: a monthly fun drink that you can join me in boozing it up with! This month’s drink is the Rob Roy — a version of the Manhattan made with Scotch. (A Manhattan is basically a Martini, but with whiskey, traditionally Rye.) A Manhattan should be sweeter, richer, and more flavorful than the dry, understated Martini; the Rob Roy adds on to that Scotch’s traditional peaty flavors.
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Another Year, Another Resolution

Jan 4, 2008 in Otherwise Uncategorized

I really do like the tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Heck, I like it enough I’ve done it four years in a row now Life presents us with many daily challenges and, let’s face it, keeps most of us busy. Making resolutions around now can really help get the old head above the trees, to see the forest. I could use that, especially after the last year. So, in the ol’ Juniorbird tradition, here’s last year’s resolutions reviewed and some new ones for 2008. Read on…